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Kleid. Haspiel. Perry White. Wildcat. TODAY.

Yes, yes—it's about time.

Today, at finer comic book shops around our great nation (and soon, the world) you can get your hot little hands on a copy of DC Comics' 2011 SUPERMAN 80 PAGE GIANT featuring a short story by Dean Haspiel, Joe Infurnari and I called "Old Men Talking in Bars." The story, a great little bar confessional between Daily Planet editor Perry White and JSA mainstay Ted "Wildcat" Grant, offers booze, brawling, boxing and bravado. Also? It is a comic with my name in it that features "Superman" in the title. There are also amazing stories by other talented folks: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover with a fun Lois Lane yarn; Steve Horton and Dan McDaid with their take on Bizarro; the hands-down best Jimmy Olsen story I've ever read by Abhay Khosla and Andy MacDonald; and offerings from Joe Caramagna, Beau Tidwell, Aubrey Sitterson and more.

So, yeah. Super.

Here's editor Wil Moss hyping it up on the DCU Source blog.

Here's my original thoughts on how the story came to be,
and how much I think I should be writing a regular Perry White series because he's the unsung hero of the Superman titles; the editorial Nick Fury of the DC Universe, if you will.

Here's the kickass cover you're after:

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