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FRAGGLE ROCK: Pen and Ink Studies

I know I've been pretty quiet here, but that's because I've been keeping my head down and working. Currently drawing a 4 page anthology story I did NOT write for a Harvey Pekar edited anthology while working on the script for MIGDAL DAVID and pushing on with THE RED MENACE, my second novel (called the Chicago FBI Field Office today for a bit of research. Way cool).

I've got a list of projects waiting for my attention including AMERICAN CAESAR (my next graphic novel for NBM, finally attached to an artist), DINERTOWN (the next thing you'll see from me and URSA MINORS artist, Fernando Pinto), a secret work for hire story that won't see daylight for a good while, and two creator owned proposals I'm dying to get back to.

But first I have to get through the 4 pager, and then I have my FRAGGLE ROCK story to write, finally approved today by Henson. Sadly, I won't be drawing it as originally discussed but I'm thrilled to be writing the character I chose and can't wait for you all to read it when it hits stands this summer. In anticipation, I thought I'd whet your appetite by posting the two black and white sketches I sent to Henson for art approval. Enjoy!

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