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Comic Book Tattoo: Tori Amos and Image Comics

So, as I've just got the go-ahead to talk about this... I've mentioned being involved in an Image anthology do out this year and if you check out the January issue of SPIN magazine, you'll read about the upcoming massive COMIC BOOK TATTOO, a book of stories based on the songs of musician Tori Amos. The book is going to be packed with talent and will be out by San Diego, celebrated with a bigtime signing and panel.

I'm doing a very touching story that will be illustrated by Chris Mitten, artist of Oni Press' WASTELAND and QUEEN AND COUNTRY, and it'll run about 11 pages or so and tear your heartstrings. The plans for this book are really first rate and the creators involved - up to and including Tori - are going to take your freaking breath away.

More soon
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